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Tomato Cherry Super Sweet 100 (3.5" Vegetable)


Improved for sweetness and disease resistance over Sweet 100. Bright red, 1" fruits have a very high vitamin C content. Clusters of up to 100 cherry tomatoes grow on indeterminate plants. Verticillium wilt and fusarium wilt race 1 resistant, matures in 65-70 days.

Full Sun

Height: 48-60" Width: 18-24"

Medium Water


3.5" Pot 

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cherry tomato.jpg
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Additional Info

Many Cherry Tomatoes look great but taste like nothing, while others are flavorful but don't have the big, steady yields we all love. Well, award-winning Sugary has it all -- super-sweet flavor, a fun new shape, and huge, huge yields on plants that just keep growing up and up all season! The fruit is pointed on both ends, as if a regular Cherry Tomato had been stretched out. You'll get plenty of chances to enjoy Sugary's goodness, because this plant is absolutely unstoppable. It sets huge clusters of fruit all season long, and grows so vigorously that you may have to cut it back in midseason just to keep it within bounds! Never fear -- it will keep bearing like crazy!